TWO SONS (2022)

/ To Sønner, 2022

A work about complex and opposing political power structures.

About the work

‘Two Sons’ is a work about complex and opposing political power structures, historical patterns and denials. A factual work beginning with a double portrait of Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and his father Olaf Nyrup Rasmussen and ending with a double portrait of department head, chairman of the May 5 committee Ulrik Federspiel and his father Per Federspiel and consisting of documents from an insight into the State Ministry’s 57 boxes of Peace Sculpture 1995.

The worker’s son and the resistance man’s son agreed that the Peace Sculpture 1995 should be part of the official marking of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark from the Second World War. They were concerned that it was a celebration in Jutland, that it had an international perspective, that it invited many people, that it pointed forward. It met opposition from parts of the resistance movement in the May 5 Committee, but the government’s Coordination Committee granted Peace Sculpture 1995 1. million on the Finance Act next to 15 million for the May 5 Committee’s markings. 

It created violent reactions from powerful resistance fighters. After which the Prime Minister’s Office tried to erase all traces of not just support but participation and financing of Peace Sculpture 1995. D. 24 January, the Prime Minister’s Office hands it over to PET and begins to actively evade Peace Sculpture 1995, this of course has major consequences for Peace Sculpture 1995.


4 portraits; 25 documents from access to documents in the Prime Minister’s Office; a letter to Buller (Head of Department Ulrik Federspiel ) from Flemming Juncker 1995 
A refusal of access to documents from PET; a commitment to document access The Prime Minister’s Office


Jakob Brask
Kathrine Winkelhorn

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Presentation by Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen