by Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen and Jytte Hilden

TALK based on PEACE SCULPTURE 1995 and the 28 years later documentary film LYSET – Laser – the shitstorm that hit Denmark by Alexander Lind.
Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen talks about art, history as artistic material, power, politics, press, gender and the nature of the shitstorm. Elle-Mie is concerned with the relationship between history and art in relation to our present. Her practice contains complex power structures politically, historically and locally.
She has moved forward to create new works about the collective and personal reactions, repressions and beliefs in relation to World War 2 that are unfortunately still visible and present in European society today. 
The talk can also be given by Elle-Mie alone or as a conversation with former Minister of Culture Jytte Hilden, who in her time stood up for allocated funds, from both the Prime Minister’s Coordination Committee and pools under the Ministry of Culture, for Peace Sculpture 1995 and found herself in the shitstorm together with Elle-Mie.
The talk can be booked at CultureKlub at – tel. +45 21775055 

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The film can be streamed or booked for viewing in connection with talks – please ask about options.