/ Proposal for Vejle Municipality 2015

Light and sound installations in Søndermarken, Vejle, Denmark.

Focus on co-creation

THE GLOBAL COMMONS is a collection of light and sound installations designed for Søndermarken in Vejle Municipality, Denmark. The project is a result of a competition by Realdania with the ambition of supporting future urban life and communities in the suburbs. Different workshops and activities with focus on light and sound is an integrated part of the project which links to the central focus on citizen involvement and co-creation in urban development strategies.

Highlighting qualities of an area

A range of artistic concepts forms THE GLOBAL COMMONS. Each concept tries to capture the spirit, natural beauty and cultural and architectural diversity of Søndermarken. The ambition with the art installations and workshops is to highlight the unique qualities of the place, making them visible to the citizens and supporting the local communities. Strengthening the experience of identity and supporting the joy of living in Søndermarken are core values in the project.

Light and sound installations in Søndermarken, Vejle, Denmark.

Exhibited / Presented
Expected realized in Søndermarken, Denmark 2015.

Collaboration / Funding
Competition by Realdania, 2014. Developed in collaboration with artists Lene Noer. Lene is project manager and has developed the workshops.

Photographs by Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen