/ Yeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Hymn to Prigov from ‘Peace Sculpture 1995’.

'The Four Blue – Hymn To Prigov 2021' consists of
four videos with four temperaments

The videos are created by digitized slide photos from ‘Peace Sculpture 1995’. The videos loop. Since they have different lengths, the combinations and holistic impression is liquid. The work is therefore experienced slightly differently every time you see and hear it.

At one point, all monitors become blue simultaneously, since all the videos have a sequence with blue texture.

The soundtrack consists of sea and wind from the west coast of Denmark, a Russian Lyra-8 – an ambient soundtrack that manifests differently in the four films.

Slide photos have been digitized to yield four videos with four temperaments.

Collaboration / Funding
Ilya Shipilovskikh Yeltsin Centre, Yekaterinburg, Rusland
Prigov Foundation – Catja Gaebel & Curator Andrey Prigov
Krings-Ernst Galerie, Cologne
Danish Cultural Institute, St. Petersburg
Embassy of Denmark in Russia
Danish Arts Foundation


Remote planets of DAP

Preview loops from 'The Four Blue – Hymn To Prigov 2021'





The video art piece ’The Four Blue Hymn To Prigov’ from ‘Peace Sculpture 1995’, 2021’ is a part of the exhibition “Remote planets of DAP” devoted to the 80th anniversary of the Russian artist Dmitry Prigov, Yeltsin Centre, Yekaterinburg 2021.

Watch the four installments from ‘The Four Blue’ below.

The videos below will loop indefinitely. Try playing them all simultaneously to get a preview of how the pieces overlap and interact.

Video Editing and Sound Design

Nils Atle

‘The Four Blue – Hymn To Prigov 2021’
Projection inside Yeltsin Centre, Yekaterinburg