/ Stjerner og bananer

/ Ejdrup&Ejdrup, 2020

Artistic traffic safety carried out for Thisted Municipality.

Stars and Bananas

Artistic traffic safety’ carried out for Thisted Municipality in collaboration with Trygfonden and graphic artist Rasmus Koch. The project is an innovative experiment that investigates how art can create security and identity in a village characterized by fast through traffic.

Digital art about creating security and identity.

Collaboration / Funding

Thisted Municipality, Trygfonden & Graphics Artist Rasmus Koch


Birgitte Ejdrup Kristensen & Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

At three gates through the village of Sjørring in Thy, three screens are mounted, which show either a star or a banana peel, depending on whether you drive correctly or too fast. The trip through the city has been transformed into a ‘one-armed bandit’, where you can achieve three stars if you comply with the speed limit.

The project is followed by a research team at Aalborg University, which collects data on the impact of the work on traffic safety in the village.

Speeding reduced: Before, 78% of motorists drove too fast. Now the figure has been lowered to 17%.
Average speed lowered: The average speed of 55 kilometers per hour has been lowered to 43 kilometers per hour.