/ Himlen ind, Lyset ned, Blikket ud, 2013
/ Langenæskirken, Denmark, on-going

A total decoration and renovation of The Langenæs Church.

Unpacking the church with respect

Together with CUBO Architects Elle-Mie is completing a total decoration and renovation of The Langenæs Church. The architects Richter and Gravers designed the church that opened in 1966. The concept of “Sky in, Light Aown, Look Out” points to an empathetic reading of the space, its history and its potentials.

The vision is to ‘unpack’ the church and create a space where light and sound sustain the liturgical and architectural qualities. Thus, the mission is to update the church while retaining its sixties characteristics.

The decoration concept consists of yellow glass towards the south and blue towards north with light crevice between the church nave and the chorus. A huge sandblasted glass wall portrays the sky over Langenæs photographed in October 2012. The decoration points to the modernist vision of creating new ways of living closer to the elements, the sky and the horizon.

An architectural installation at Vestre Fængsel.

Exhibited / Presented
Vestre Fængsel

Collaboration / Funding
Curation: Professor Wolfgang Becker, director ‘Ludwig Forum für Kunst’, Aachen & Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen. Funding: Peace Sculpture was funded by the six ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Ministry of Culture, Copenhagen Cultural Capital 1996, three regions, 18 municipalities, eight embassies (Belgium, France, Great Britain, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, USA), The Goethe Institute, Insititute Francaise, British Council and a wide selection of funds and sponsors.

Graphic design and typography
Verena Gerlach

Pictures of 'Sky In, Light Down, Look Out'

The process



Concept presentation by Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen