OF EARTH (2000)

/ Af Jord
/ Adventskirken, 2000

Church decoration and painting made with earth materials.

Harvest the wind, protecting the harvest

The altarpiece Of Earth consists of two paintings – one of each side of the central cross in the church. Beneath the paintings are 12 monochrome paintings, referring to the 12 apostles as well as to the architecture of the church. The paintings are made with soil, ash, dust, grain, chalk and clay with a wooden frame in gold leaf.

The work draws on the tradition of altarpieces but also connects to the specific architecture of the church. Designed by architect Erik Møller and built during the Second World War, the church is simple and modern, with the altar and the cross constructed in concrete. The altarpiece respects this simplicity while also pointing to the materiality of the earth itself – both in motif and materiality.

Church decoration and painting made by materials of the earth.

Funding / Collaboration
Adventskirken, Galleri NB.

Paintings from the project

Related exhibition

“28” freie Seiten”, Kunsthalle G.A.M.E.S., Mönchengladbach, Germany. 1997.