/ Et Lysende Alter
/ Buderup Ødekirke, 2009.

An installation with mirrors and light.

The work Luminous Altar is centered around light being reflected from a mirror placed on the brick altar in the former church of Buderup. A luminous orange field is projected as a gentle imprint on the uneven chalked altar wall. Furthermore, a line of neon light is drawn along the church wall, thus enhancing the experience of the character and history of the church.

This temporary decoration highlights the specific characters of church space. It also subtly points to the dawn of morning and the resurrection. The church space is toned with the silence of a reminiscent light of something divine that is no longer present.

Installation with mirrors and light.

Realized in collaboration with PORT 2010 Contemporary Art Festival.

Photos from the project

Photos: Birgitte Kristensen and Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen.