/ East Jutland, Denmark 2011

A light and sound installation in an urban landscape.

Exploring the landscape with sound and light

”LIGHT – Landscape and Voices” took place as performative installations in six different and characteristic landscapes in Jutland. The audience could experience a six-hour long choral composition by composer Marie Højlund based on the poem of the acclaimed Danish poet, Inger Christensen, “Light” [Lys], played on 24 white speakers placed in the landscape in different constellations. As dusk fell, a green laser line appeared in the sky, connecting the location with the bigger landscape.

Rooting the poem in the landscape

LIGHT – landscape and voices explored the connections between the landscape, the voice, the poem and new technology. The six chosen landscapes express essential aspects of the nature of East Jutland. The local voices form the basis of the choral piece that was played on the custom made speakers that would light up when active. As spectator you were in the middle of the piece, free to move around and be immersed in the sound- and landscape – and eventually witness the sharp laser line towards the horizon.

A performative installation in six different characteristic Danish landscapes.

Exhibited / Presented
Originally presented at Ejer Baunehøj, Issehoved (Samsø), Gudenåen v. Ulstrup, stupmark v. Rathlousdal, Sand dunes south of Grenå, Trehøje. Sketches exhibited at six libraries around East Jutland.

Collaboration / Funding
Realised in collaboration with composer Marie Højlund. Funded by Kulturing Østjylland, Statens Kunstråd, Region Midtjylland, Statens Værksteder and Kulturministeriet. Supported by Dynaudio A/S, A/S Maskinfabrikken Rival, Natyrstyrelsen, PGU Rosenholm

A selection of pictures from different locations

Taken by Sune Hede, Jan Rusz and Steen Stuhr.

A movie directed by Christian Pagh

Duration: 3.51 minutes