/ Iceland, 1997

Installation with photos, fax prints, statements and a seismograph.

A work in motion

In-betweeness explores the extremes of nature and our perception of nature over time. The installation is placed in Iceland and integrates a selection of elements from the exhibition ‘The Inner Space, The Outer Space’ (1995), including a range of satellite-photos of earth(one from each of the 323 days of the exhibition period), fax prints about the climate and a series of news statements. The new piece included a long table with a seismograph measuring the activity of movement in the exhibition building, 23 aluminium boxes (one for each day of the exhibition) filled with lava, as well a daily photo of the solar activity (taken by NASA).

Installation with photos, fax prints, statements and a seismograph. Size 3,5 x 15 meter. 329 pieces.

Exhibited / Presented
ON ICELAND exhibition, The Nordic House, Reykjavik, University of Iceland, NASA.

Photos by
Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen.


As a spectator in front of the seismograph, you had two options: You could observe – and know that if the needle moved, it would be the movement of the earth – or you could draw with the seismograph yourself, altering the narrative of the earth. Thus, part of the work was in fact created – and potentially influenced – during the exhibition period. The seismograph and lava draw attention to the untamed activity inside the earth – very present in Iceland – as well as to the human impact on Earth. All together, the work investigates the intricate relations between man, nature and the immense powers of the universe.