Iceland, 1997

Installation with photos, fax prints, statements and a seismograph.


An work in motion

In-betweeness explores the extremes of nature and our perception of nature over time. The installation is placed in Iceland and integrates a selection of elements from the exhibition ‘The Inner Space, The Outer Space’ (1995), including a range of satellite-photos of earth(one from each of the 323 days of the exhibition period), fax prints about the climate and a series of news statements. The new piece included a long table with a seismograph measuring the activity of movement in the exhibition building, 23 aluminium boxes (one for each day of the exhibition) filled with lava, as well a daily photo of the solar activity (taken by NASA).


As a spectator in front of the seismograph, you had two options: You could observe – and know that if the needle moved, it would be the movement of the earth – or you could draw with the seismograph yourself, altering the narrative of the earth. Thus, part of the work was in fact created – and potentially influenced – during the exhibition period. The seismograph and lava draw attention to the untamed activity inside the earth – very present in Iceland – as well as to the human impact on Earth. All together, the work investigates the intricate relations between man, nature and the immense powers of the universe.

Installation with photos, fax prints, statements and a seismograph. Size 3,5 x 15 meter. 329 pieces.

ON ICELAND exhibition, The Nordic House, Reykjavik, University of Iceland, NASA.

Photograph: Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen