/ Toveshøj, Århus, Denmark 2010

A light and laser installation in the neighbourhood of Gellerupparken.

Lighting up a closed neighbourhood

The light installation was created for the large housing project Gellerupparken at the time when Denmark’s most ambitious urban development place was about to be put in plan there. The laser beam was placed as a thread through the neighbourhood, changing character depending on perspective and weather conditions. LED lights brightened up the house gables with blue lights, granting a dream-like quality to the buildings and area.

Articulating a space for dialogue

Gellerupparken is officially designated as a ghetto, as more than 80% of the residents are of other ethnic background than Danish. The vision with the work was to show Gellerup in a new light and to articulate a space in which people could communicate and discuss the future urban development of the area. The heart of the project was opening up Gellerupparken towards its surroundings as well as promoting dialogue within the neighbourhood itself.

A light and laser installation in the neighbourhood of Gellerupparken.

Exhibited / Presented
On site in Gellerupparken.

Collaboration / Funding
Created for Aarhus Municipality in collaboration with Gellerup Secretariat and Brabrand Housing Association. Supported by Realdania. Sponsored by Philips Danmark

A selection of pictures from Gellerupparken

Taken by Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen.

A movie directed by Rikke Rørbech

Duration — 5:10 minutes