/ Europæiske Stemmer

A collective artwork and performance in 12 cities.

European Voices is a processual and collective artwork connecting people and places throughout Europe. Local voices reading a poem in 12 cities are turned into a rich sound composition – over time growing into an auditory opus and visual installation, performed in 12 unique locations in Europe.

As a collective ritual, unfolding in different European cities, European Voices takes on the third dimension as a growing European collective, exploring and expressing our time and the places we inhabit.

Each performance features a unique composition that mixes local voices and the voices from the other european cities.

European Voices has two main elements: 

A creation process, where hundreds of citizens in each city are invited to read aloud a locally selected poem. The poems are recorded and turned into a sound composition that grows over time, as the project moves from city to city. 

A performance taking place in unique urban or natural landscapes in each city where the public can experience the composition and an outstanding site-specific light installation. 

Concept for a collective artwork and performance in 12 cities.

Exhibited / Presented
In progress.

Collaboration / Funding
In collaboration with Copenhagen International Theatre.

A selection of photos from the project