A concept for visitor’s entrance at Vestre Fængsel.

1. Indgang Vestre Fængsel

Addressing visitors to the prison

How do you welcome and bid farewell to the visitors in a prison? The work Welcome in Vestre Fængsel addresses this question by means of an architectural installation based on conversations with inmates.

The result is a work that combines minimal statements in neon signs and light interventions at the entrance and exit of the prison. Outside, a simple sign says ”Welcome”, in the hallway a sign says ”Good you’re coming” and ”Miss you” – and at the exit: ”Good you came, thank you”. Additionally, four cracks of light highlights the visitor’s entrance as an independent structure, breaking through the walls of the prison.

Engaging the inmates in the process

The vision of the work is to find an appropriate way to express the significance of the visit and the gratitude of the inmates to the visitors.

The statements are based on meetings and workshops with a group of 12 inmates. Furthermore more than 80 inmates we involved in expressing and phrasing the wording for the signs.

The process and result of the dialog is documented in the booklet “Velkommen” (“Welcome”).

An architectural installation at Vestre Fængsel.

Exhibited / Presented
Vestre Fængsel

Collaboration / Funding
Vestre Fængsel, Statens Kunstfond, and inmates at Vestre Fængsel. Realised in collaboration with Erik Møller Arkitekter.

Graphic design and typography
Verena Gerlach


A selection of pictures from the location.

Photo: Anders Sune Berg.

More information in the project publication